Sensitive architecture to tell stories

Studio Ideação Architecture — São Paulo / São Paulo

Fields — brand positioning, visual identity, corporate materials and brand animation.

How to reposition on the market an architecture office, with sensitivity and from an engaging narrative?

A new moment needs a new positioning brand. Ideação architecture office became Studio Ideação and needed a new strategy and brand identity for this new stage. Our design office have been sought to develop the strategy and brand project, and for this we start with a sensitive and humane approach.

Tell a positive and sensitive story through a new identity for Studio Ideação, conveying their personal values and new personality, repositioning this new brand through an engaging and cutting-edge visual content.

The result of the project was the awakening of positive emotions through the union of sensations in architecture. An office composed of people who think about people and their real needs. The new brand expresses that new realities are possible through multiple ideas that expand.

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