Engineering with human bonds
Urbanatto Engenharia — Brand strategy, naming, visual identity, verbal identity, brand positioning, brand architecture, corporate materials and institutional animation.
The challenge of this branding project was to identify the engineering office market and create value through differentiation.
From the essence and motivation of the partners, we come to the reflection of a human engineering that offers humanized works.
After deep research and conceptual exploration, we come to two key concepts for this new venture, exploring life in the city, but not excluding the individuals who inhabit it. The nature of the company is linked to the human action of accomplishing something, indicating intention and manifestation of the human will. Thus emerged the Urbanatto Engineering office.
From the naming process, we project an emotive and human visual mark as its own name. All the geometry of the brand was created to narrate the belief of Urbanatto to its public: a human relationship of urban evolution.