Innovation to enchant people
Poetivo Architecture — brand strategy, brand positioning, naming, visual identity and corporate materials.
When five architects came to us for this branding project, we embraced the following challenge: to create the name and visual universe of an office that values plurality and a Brazilian touch.
A collective to promote and provide its customers with well-being, regardless of the scale of the project.
From this, we come to the fundamental bases of this new brand, exploring primordial concepts of architecture, such as poetry and Brazil, as well as the collective and diversity of the five partners. Thus was born the Poetivo Architecture. With the name defined, we designed the visual identity of the office, representing nonstop well-being and architecture as visual poetry. Poetivo Architecture is Brazilian and plural. It is nonstop wellness.
The concept of plurality without scales directed the project in the construction of 89 modules, used as graphics.
The 89 modules was designed to allow numerous combinations, allowing the architecture office to use it both in its communication and in the corporate products.

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