Awakening the sensitive singularity

Pétriqa Architecture — Salvador / Bahia

Fields — brand strategy, brand positioning, naming, visual identity and corporate materials.

An architect was opening her office and came to us with a wish: to have a name and a brand that reflected her sensitive beliefs and values within the craft of architecture.

Many offices talk about creative projects, but few speak about projects that really give new meaning to environments and are pleasing to people. The challenge was to convey this from a sensitive and unique name and visual identity.

In order to identify the proper identity and positioning for the architecture office, we conducted research and tools that led us to some relevant and little explored aspects within the architecture market.

The positioning revealed values - uniqueness, boldness and innovation - very present in the vision and way of designing of the owner, and which have turn into relevant points in the design and development of both the name, logo and corporate materials.

The positioning and strategies developed have generated a name and visual identity that engages people and arouses their curiosity. The authentic and unique elements of the project resulted in an innovative and friendly name, full of history and positive meanings, revealing the office's belief: architecture is petrified music. Rhythms and harmonies that balance with expectations and dreams of each person involved.

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